Help with your Gambling

Gambling Guidance is here to offer you advice and tips on the various aspects of online gambling. Anyone who has spent time on the internet probably realises there is a fair amount of gambling opportunities – online bookmakers, casinos and even bingo have all become common place. It’s even been easier to place a small bet here and there in the hopes of making a profit, and many are taking the chance to do so.

That doesn’t mean success rates are any higher for those placing bets or playing slots online, as with their non-digital counterparts, gambling establishments are all about making profit, which means people have to lose. This is where we are here to help. There are many ways in which you can improve your chances of netting a win, and by offering the latest tips, hints and recommendations on the various aspects of gambling, we want to make winners out of everyone.

Why Are Tips Important?

Gambling is all about strategy. Before you even make a bet or spend a penny, you are taking calculated risks inside of your head – can I afford this, will the return be worth it, do the benefits exceed the risks. Anyone who goes in blind and gambles without any sort contemplation in their heads can expect to lose and lose regularly.

Popular Types of Gambling

There are many types of popular online gambling which include the following:

Online Poker

Traditionally playing Texas hold ‘em or other variations of poker, these involve playing online card games for money. Most come with tournament structures, in which you pay to enter a tournament featuring a certain amount of players, and those who win or finish with a high position gain cash rewards. The bigger the stake, the higher the rewards are, along with how well you perform.

Cash game structures also exist, involving reduced amounts players and fewer tables. The rewards can be based on the stake placed by each player, with rewards going to the highest placed players upon the end of the game (So 1st gets the most, 2nd gets a smaller share and so on).

Online Casino

A digital versions of a classic casino, in which you can play casino games including blackjack, roulette and craps to name but a few. There are also plenty of slot machines with their own stakes and rewards.

You play against the house for these games, in which case is the websites hosting the casino. They will pay out or receive your money depending on the success in the games that you play. Higher odds are in favour of the house, with a set amount of percentage towards pay-outs.

Sports Betting

Sports betting involve using an online book maker to place bets on outcomes of sporting events. Your wager is how much money you are betting on the outcome, which will have odds set by the bookmaker.

The larger a wager, the more your return will be in regards to their odds. The lower the odds are for a wager indicates it is the most common line of betting, so comes with less value. All about calculating risk and rewards, as your returns are based on the odds against the wager you place.


Online bingo replaces the traditional game of bingo with a digital version that works on random numbers generated. The outcomes of games are determined by the amount of numbers you have on your card that are generated. Some games only require one line of numbers; others need two, and a full house offers the biggest potential win as it needs every number.

Common Sense Tips

Gambling obviously comes with a risk, its part and parcel of the whole experience. Knowing what you can lose against what you can win is essential. It can be very easy to gamble more than you should, meaning you will lose a fair amount of money, which nobody wants.

You need to know how much you can afford to bet. If it’s only £10, you simply cannot place £20 or £30 just because you have a good feeling about winning. This is a sure fire way to lose your money fast. The more you lose the bigger bets tend to be to try and recover, and before you know it you have lost more than you could ever afford to.

Expect the unexpected. Yes favourites are favourites for a reason, but nothing is ever guaranteed. No matter how much you thing a sure bet may be, always be aware that it could turn out bad. Upsets always happen, and should you place more than you can afford because it’s a ‘sure thing’ you may end up losing far more than you ever should.